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Fred Upton

US Representative

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The County Commissioners

Van Buren County Board of Commissioners

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Daniel Abbott

Van Buren County Sheirff

County Clerk Suzie Roehem.jpg

Suzie Roehem

Van Buren County Clerk

Drain Commissioner Joe Parman.jpg

Joe Parman

Van Buren County Drain Commissioner


Aric Nesbitt

Michigan State Senator



The Michigan Republican Party

Prosecuting Attorney Michael Bedford.jpg

Mike Bedford

Van Buren County Prosecuting Attorney

Register of Deeds Paul DeYoung.jpg

Paul DeYoung

Van Buren County Register of Deeds


Trisha Nesbitt

Van Buren County Treasurer

County Surveyor Donald Gilchrist.jpg

Donald Gilchrist

Van Buren County Surveyor

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